About Me

Hi, I'm Sheridan

But you can call me Sher :)

I grew up in gymnastics. In high school I jumped to cheerleading and track and field. In college I was captain of the University of Colorado D1 Coed Cheerleading Team, and this is where I was first exposed to lifting and exercise outside of "practice".

I graduated from CU in 2019 with a degree in aerospace engineering and simultaneously hung up the pom poms. Without the structure of sports my heath and fitness fell apart... fast.

I got diagnosed with PTSD shortly after graduation and began intense EMDR and talk therapy to overcome the truama from surviving a school shooting. Fitness played a HUGE role in my recovery. I learned that mental strength, much like physical strength, is created by repeatedly lifting that which tried to weigh us down.

I wanted to create a place where I could share my journey to mental health and physical health in hopes of helping others, and there began @sher.gets.fit!

Since starting my fitness instagram I have gotten my own coach and currently train competitivley in olympic weightlifting! I also received my NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification in April of 2022.

My ultimate goal as a coach is to provide you with the knowledge, strength and confidence to own your life. I want to empower you to truly believe you are capable of anything you set your mind to. To work hard, and love yourself harder.

lets work together :)