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  • Camille C.

    "I've always struggled with my body image and that was partially because I could neve stick to a workout plan.I never had energy, the knowledge or the confidence to keep going to the gym. I talked to sher in October about this and she shared her 10 week workout plan with me. And let me tell you - it is the ONLY thing I've ever stuck with. I've never felt this good and confident in my life!"

  • Cassie B.

    My time with Sheridan has exceeded all my expectations. I had never done any type of coaching before but knew I needed help if I wanted to continue to grow in my fitness journey. She didn’t just write me workouts and send me off, but rather took the time to educate me as to why she structured the workouts the way she did to align with my goals. She left helpful tips with each workouts so I wasn’t completely lost trying something new. Every time I sent a video or asked for help she was quick to reply so I could use her advice on my next set. Sheridan would even go so far as to run to her home gym to send me a personalized video to help me understand what I was doing wrong or why my movement felt off. When I went on vacation and my equipment changed she would give me alternative exercises to help me stay on track. Sheridan also went over food goal and mental health goals to help me be the best me. I’ve taken so much away from my time with her and my confidence has gone through the roof. I’m not longer afraid to pick up a weight too heavy and have to put it back or struggle trying new equipment. Sheridan is absolutely amazing! I’ve improved exponentially in the gym.